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Trinity offers a wide variety of doors that deliver more than unmatching curb appeal and a quiet and stylish home.

Highest Quality

Engineered for structural integrity and performance, we build our doors using the highest quality materials to withstand all weather conditions. Our patented molded open designs with the integration of our glass frame to the door, provides the highest structural integrity to withstand even hurricane zones of Florida and Texas.

Aesthetically Beautiful

While effective in sustainability, our doors are also designed to mimic the look of real wood complete with detailed grain patterns of rich old growth oak, mahogany, and teak. Components in our doors, including the sill, lite frame, and glass, are all designed to accentuate the look of a beautifully crafted wooden door.

Environmentally Sustainable

By going the extra mile in our tool design, we significantly reduce the amount of waste traditionally found in manufacturing doors. With our innovation in molding doors to glass openings versus traditional cut-outs, and usage of recycled materials for various components, we reduce waste by as much as 54% when fabricating our doors.


Energy Efficient

Our doors are purposefully engineered to be environmentally friendly with superior energy efficiency over traditional residential doors. Utilizing top grade polyurethane foam, triple pane decorative glass panels and low-E clear glass, our products are designed to achieve the highest R-value to maximize energy conservation.


Contact Us

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