Finishes and Stains

Our finish colors have been selected by our designers to complement and bring warmth to your home. Choose from our hand stained teak woodgrain, mahogany woodgrain, oak woodgrain, or painted white teak and mahogany finishes. Smooth finish doors come ready to paint and are available for our pre-paint program.



Long used for shipbuilding due to its extreme durability, we have added Teak woodgrain to our fleet of rich woodgrain textures to bring the warmth of wood to your home. Select doors are available in our pre-painted program.

Hand Stained Mahogany Finishes

Long cherished for its resilience and beauty, Mahogany is considered an exotic wood. Our designers traveled to the forests of Belize to find the Mara species and cast several impressions of this unique grain pattern. As a result, you can enjoy a hand stained door with an authentic look of a rare mahogany species in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly fiberglass material. Select doors are available in our pre-painted program.


Versatile and timeless, an oak grain finish complements many home styles. Each door is hand stained to bring out the details of the grain, resulting in a unique and distinctive oak finish. Select doors are available in our pre-painted program.

Light Oak
Medium Oak
Walnut Oak
Ash Oak
Unfinished Oak(Unpainted)


Smooth door surface provides an ideal canvas for painting. Already primed, our smooth doors eliminate the need for a primer and come ready to be painted.

Easily add color to your door with our pre-painted program. We have many colors to choose from.